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Hasty Tasting – Rapid Reviews Written Swiftly

January 28, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have a few quick reviews jotted down at wine shop tastings and other such events where I didn’t exactly take the time to mull over the details.  I tasted these wines probably over the last 6 months or so.  I present them here in an unedited format for your enjoyment:

The following are from a Coturri Winery Tasting:

Rose’ – Great acidity w/ grapefruit and pear.  89 pts.

06′ Pinot Jewell Vineyards – Dark and jammy.  Doesn’t taste like a Pinot but good. 88 pts.

Merlot – Drinkable. 85 pts.

Sandocino – Pretty awesome, blueberries and smoke.  Great balance but tannins need time to resolve. 90 pts.

Petit Sirah – Licorice, black cherry, and Swedish Fish.  Oaky, delicious. 89 pts.

Primitivo – Stinky and smoky.  Cola and black raspberries. (no score given)

Other odds and ends from various tastings:

08′ Sineann Pinot, $38 – Smells jammy, little lake water with oak on top.  Some cherries, alcohol apparent.  Overdone. 86+ pts.

07′ Federalist Zinfandel, $29 – Aromatically challenged.  Some zin character comes through with a punch of fruit.  Slightly muddled. 87+ pts.

03′ Ridge Del Carlo – Big earthy nose.  Slightly browning at the edge of the glass.  Smells incredible and you can tell it has some age.  Big mouthfeel, very elegant and well-balanced in its bigness.  Still a little cloying.  Truckloads of fruit and complexity in the mid-palate.  Some pepper and mint. (no score given)

07′ Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet, $70 – Aroma is very big and concentrated with an oak blanket.  Currants and blueberries with an herbal quality.  Bright acidity, very well-balanced.  Lots of tannin, but has lots of everything.  Will be fantastic. 92+ pts.

Hope you enjoyed the uncut, unrated wine reviews.  I apologize for any grammatical atrocities.  Cheers!

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  1. February 11, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Grapes are great :)

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